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In the Costa Brava one of the best known towns is Llançà, located in the region of l’Alt Empordà just 14 km from the border with France. It is one of the main destinations in summer season for its quality and tranquility, as well as for the transparency and blue color of the waters of its beaches. 

Llançà is a town in high demand in summer, so most of the houses in the village are second homes built by tourists or by true lovers of the Costa Brava. During the year it has a very low population, in 2022 the total count of inhabitants reached 4,842.  

As far as services are concerned, it has an excellent communicative infrastructure that communicates with the French border. You can go both to Perpignan and Girona without complications.  

This town is divided into two main areas, the old part in which we find the historic center and the modern area in which the port is located. The contrast between these two areas is the charm of Llançà. 

Buying or building a house in this location will always be a good investment since, being such a touristic place, the price of your home will be very high in case you want to sell or rent in the future.

Proyectos de construcción realizados en Llançà

Descubre ahora algunos de los proyectos de construcción de casas a medida realizados en la localidad de Llançà, en la Costa Brava.

High standing house, Peratallada


In which area is it better to build or buy a house in Llançà?

The most typical houses in the Costa Brava are located in the elevated areas to enjoy the sea views and enjoy the tranquility of being more isolated from the center of town, as well as being close to nature while still having unbeatable sea views. Despite this, you can also find houses in the historic center that are authentic architectural wonders. 

What kind of houses are there in Llançà?

  • High standing estates in front of the sea
  • Mansions with natural light
  • Sustainable houses
  • Villas with sea views
  • Renovated farmhouses 

Characteristics of the design houses in Llançà

  • They are well insulated to protect the house from the tramuntana and to enjoy a cool environment in summer and warm in winter. 
  • Design in harmony with the environment
  • Maximum energy efficiency 
  • Open spaces with the best orientation 
  • Solid and resistant materials adapted to the terrain
  • With Mediterranean tones to highlight the nature that surrounds the house.

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