How are minimalist houses built?

Casas minimalistas

Minimalism was born in the 60’s as a response to the colorful explosion of Pop art, although it was not until the 70’s that it began to be widely used and to reach its maturity.  The search for an austere style with neutral tones and wider spaces brought about this movement. The first to coin this term was Wollheim and the famous expression “Less is more” by Mies Van der Rohe is to this day the motto that defines this movement.

To this day minimalist houses and this type of interiors are still very sought after. If you are looking for a sober and balanced place where you can find tranquility when working or resting, this style is for you! In Constructora Viñas we are specialists in design houses and today we talk about minimalist houses.

construccion de casas minimalistas

5 Golden rules for a perfect minimalist home

Minimalism is not only a style of decoration, but a true way of life, which consists of eliminating the superfluous and keeping only the essential.

Building or furnishing a house or a garden, in minimalist style, translates into the search for simple and clean lines, well-defined geometries and neutral colors skillfully combined to create a harmonious environment that conveys a sense of peace and relaxation.

Do you like minimalism and want to apply it to your home environment? Here are the 5 rules to create the perfect minimalist home.

  1. Keep to the essentials   

Calm and order are two of the cardinal principles of minimalist philosophy.

Do a thorough cleaning of the room, find out which elements you can keep, which you should eliminate and throw away the unnecessary ones.

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To know which elements you have to do without, ask yourself if they are really useful and indispensable. The goal is to achieve a spacious and comfortable environment that gives a feeling of freedom and relaxation. 

  1. Keep proportions in mind

To furnish a minimalist style house, it is not enough to choose furniture with simple lines and colors, you also have to take into account its size.

Casas de diseño en la costa brava

Furniture that is too large will take up all the space in a small bedroom and will give a feeling of suffocation that has nothing to do with the idea of well-being that minimalist furniture should instill.

  1. Prefer neutral colors

For a perfect minimalist home you have to pay close attention to the choice of colors for floors, walls and furniture.

Forget bright colors, flashy prints and bold combinations. Choose soft, neutral colors, such as classic black and white or beige, as well as earthy browns and shades of green and blue.

The important thing is that the chosen color scheme instills a sense of order, calm and relaxation in the viewer.

  1. Choose the right materials

Like the colors, the choice of materials should not create chaos and confusion, so you should limit yourself to choosing a few and, above all, make sure that they combine well with each other and with the environment in which they are placed.

White marble for floors and light wood for furniture are two of the most suitable materials to furnish your minimalist home to perfection.

  1. Pay attention to lighting

Illuminating a room with natural light makes it more beautiful, livable and relaxing. As for the points of light, whether chandeliers, wall or floor lamps, they should be characterized by extreme simplicity, have elegant lines and linear shapes.

Do you want to build a minimalist house?

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