How much it costs to build a swimming pool

cuánto cuesta construir una piscina

Swimming pools are a luxury in every sense of the word, as they help us to refresh ourselves in summer and they give our home a distinctive look all year round. In fact, pools are an essential element in every self-respecting garden and a feature that increases the value of every property that has one.

That’s why most people who decide to build a custom home from scratch, regardless of the location or how close they are to the beach, do it with one clear idea in mind: to build a swimming pool.

If this is your case, you have come to the right place! From Constructora Viñas we are going to explain how much it costs to build a swimming pool and what factors you should take into account before starting its construction.

Factors that determine how much it costs to build a swimming pool

1. Land conditions

What is your house like? Is it about to be built on or do you want to build a pool in a garden you already have? The condition of the land has a great influence on the cost of a swimming pool. If it has slopes, rocks or other obstacles, it will need to be leveled before starting the construction and this will increase the price significantly.

2. Size of the pool

To build a pool, excavation and foundation of the land is necessary. Therefore, the larger the pool will be, the more expensive the construction will be, as more time and materials will be needed to conclude the process.

3. Materials and finishes

Generally, swimming pools are made of concrete, as it is the most resistant and versatile material. It is the most expensive option, but also the most cost-effective in the long run. Otherwise, fiber or vinyl can be used, but they are less resistant.

As for finishes, you can cover your pool with tiles or natural stone. Choosing one of higher quality or another will change the price, but in this case it is worth investing in durability.

4. Implemented systems of the swimming pool

The most luxurious pools have water temperature control systems, cleaning systems, filtration systems, custom LED lights, sounds and automation technology. Some of these add-ons are more expendable than others, so you can choose one or the other depending on your needs and tastes.

5. Pool design

Design houses with swimming pools usually have a unified and meticulous decoration. Do you want to include waterfalls, fountains, jacuzzis…? Every detail counts, and not all of them have the same cost. Therefore, depending on your tastes and needs, the pool will have a cost or another.

In the same way, the integration of the pool in the landscape may increase the price. Do you want a terrace, a garden and a pergola? Would you like to place lamp posts or different forms of access around it? All these elements will increase the price significantly.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool?

cuánto se gasta en hacer una piscina

In general, the construction of a swimming pool can range from 10.000 € to more than 16.000 €, but these prices are totally orientative. As we have explained above, the final price of a swimming pool depends on the characteristics of the pool, the land and the accessories you want to implement.

Undoubtedly, making a pool is a luxury in every way. But if what you want is to integrate nature and landscape in the design of your custom home, there is no better way to do it, and in summer you will be grateful!

In Constructora Viñas we are specialists in the construction of custom homes with swimming pools so, if you have more questions about it, you can contact us. We can give you free advice, without any obligation, and tell you how much it costs to make the swimming pool you have in mind.

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