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How to achieve a Nordic style house?

Designer House Styles

The Nordic or Scandinavian style is undoubtedly one of the most popular when it comes to furnishing a home, as it projects an atmosphere of order, comfort and familiarity thanks to the Nordic principles of protection, sustainability and happiness. This style of home became popular in the early 2000s as a solution to get rid of the superfluous and garish colours of the 1990s. Let’s discover together how to use the Nordic style in the home.

Characteristics of the Nordic style

The Scandinavian style is not easy to ascribe to a specific period, because it takes its form from the Nordic product design that revolutionized the world of modern design. After the two world wars, Europe was flooded with a common desire for innovation and modernity. This trend brought to the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) a design that emphasized form, the natural characteristics of materials and their functionality. It is a style that is fully calibrated in each of its options and characterized by a sense of natural harmony, aimed at recreating bright and welcoming environments capable of creating a feeling of comfort and well-being. Scandinavian style is a style little influenced by trends and closely linked to functionality, design and the naturalness of materials.

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As the winter in Scandinavian countries is cold and dark, the natural light and warmth of the sun in the houses are enhanced by large windows. For this reason, to recreate Scandinavian style in your home, you will definitely need clean, simple, functional and bright spaces.

Nordic style colours and materials

White is undoubtedly the colour to go for to achieve a Scandinavian decoration result, but tones such as grey, beige, pastel shades and the natural tones of wood and light woods (pine and birch) will also be welcome in the home. If, on the other hand, you want to be bold and create a little break to liven up the interior, you can use the black and white combo that stays true to the sense of order and minimalism typical of the Nordic style.

Natural wood is the absolute protagonist, but upholstery and bedding in natural fabrics also have their place to express Scandinavian décor at its finest, so green light to wool, shag rugs, soft blankets resting on beds and sofas and oversized cushions.

Shapes want their share too! Clear, defined geometries are certainly a good place to start, but try to focus also on the soft fluidity of circles and ovals that you can recreate with mirrors to hang in rooms around the house.

Tips on how not to go wrong with Nordic style

Scandinavian style furniture, as you might have guessed, is simple and almost frugal, but also very recognisable and not always adaptable to all types of homes. Here are some tips on how to imprint it in your home and avoid making mistakes:

  • Make sure you have a bright environment with light-coloured windows, windows and floors.
  • Favour white and neutral tones.
  • Use natural materials such as wood.
  • Create spaces that are practical and tidy, but not empty, according to the Lagom (perfection) principle.
  • Constantly look for Hygge (well-being) with the aim of creating comfort, security and a sense of home in the rooms.

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