How to achieve an industrial style at home?

Casa estilo industrial

Open spaces, exposed beams, lively furniture, raw materials, predominance of gray and brown. It is not by chance that the industrial style is so called, since it is inspired by the style of the factories of the second half of the last century.

To furnish a house in true industrial style, some particular structural elements are needed, such as an open space, preferably on two floors, exposed brick or rough concrete walls and a steel staircase. In the absence of these, it is still possible to recreate an industrial decor, with a few small touches to evoke, as much as possible, the atmosphere of the factories.

What is the industrial style

The industrial style was born in New York in the 1950s out of a practical necessity. The objective was to recover unused spaces in abandoned factories and turn them into homes. From New York it took hold and established itself in major cities around the world, becoming one of the most popular interior design styles today.

The dominant colors are gray and brown, while the most appreciated materials are metals and wood.

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5 tips to furnish your home with industrial style.

Any curious ideas to make your industrial style decor stand out? Read 5 original and stylish tips.

1) Exposed brick? Use wallpaper

The typical industrial style home has exposed brick walls. But often our walls are masonry, and bricks become a more complicated and perhaps even too expensive option.

The perfect solution? Wallpaper that replicates the design of the bricks. If you like DIY, it will be fun to apply it to the wall! Apply it only in one part of the room, on one wall or in a corner area.

2) Industrial floors? Choose gray stoneware floors

It must be said that, nowadays, it is difficult to find typical factory floors in a modern apartment, as they are usually made of rough concrete. However, the effect can be reproduced by choosing large grey stoneware tiles.

casa de estilo industrial

3) The perfect dining table? Wood and iron

The dining table is the most important element of the living room, and as such should be chosen with great care, because it has a great weight in the overall success of the decoration of the room. The ideal is a model with an iron structure and a wooden top.

4) Recycling: how to use pallets creatively

The industrial style leaves room for the reuse of old furniture and objects. A very popular option is to use industrial pallets to create original furniture.

First of all, we can use them to build a nice little table, which we will cover on top with a glass top. Another idea is to use the pallets as a bed frame, or as shelves for books.

5) Lighting: raw light bulbs or metal chandeliers!

The preferred lighting in the industrial style is so simple that it is almost devoid of ornaments: opt for raw light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, or chandeliers made of raw metal or painted black.

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