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How to apply Feng Shui in a house?

Interior Design

Although the phenomenon of Feng Shui lived its moment of maximum splendor a few years ago, it has come back to stay. Within the world of interior design, this concept is very internalized, but among society it is still unknown exactly what it consists of. If this is your case, don’t worry, today we will remind you of the key aspects of this trend. 

Feng Shui are two words that refer to an ancient Chinese science of Taoist origin, which is characterized by teaching you to lead a harmonious life and manage energy correctly to achieve happiness. Those who opt for this type of decoration in their homes get the spaces of your home to convey peace and calm, in addition to generating emotional well-being to their cohabitants.

What are the 3 rules of Feng Shui? 

Despite knowing the theory, in order to apply it, it is necessary to know its rules. We explain the 3 most important ones. 

Ying and Yang

All elements are formed by these two energetic qualities since they cannot exist without each other. 


The objects in a house are formed by one of the 5 elements: earth, fire, metal, water and wood.


It is essential to leave free spaces in the houses that adopt this style. 

Once these three key points are clear, it is necessary to consider how to apply Feng Shui in your house.

How to apply Feng Shui in your home? 

The first step is to observe the space from where you usually sit or lie down. From that perspective you have to analyze the sensations that transmit all the elements that you have around you. You have to observe shapes and colors as well as materials and textures. 


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As for the shapes, for your home to have a good Feng Shui you have to establish a good visual balance of shapes and colors through 5 elements. Our recommendations are: 


Red and pink objects with triangular shapes.


Elements of earthy and warm tones with square shapes.


White, gray and metallic 


Wavy, blacks and blues.


Greens and rectangular shapes upwards. 

Regarding materials and textures, it is also essential to make a good selection to generate positive and harmonious environments. It is necessary to make good combinations so that the spaces are not saturated. One of the rooms in which it is necessary to maintain the balance of objects is the bedroom, since it is the place of rest and personal intimacy. 

How should I decorate my bedroom following Feng Shui? 

  • In the bedrooms the ideal is to have a sofa, especially in those that do not have many square meters. 
  • Upholstered or wooden headboards with a lot of height, minimum 90 cm, are frequent.  
  • The most important element, the bed, must be centered in the room.
  • As far as colors are concerned, cold and stimulating tones should be avoided.
  •  The objects in the room must be harmonious since they cannot activate us. 
  • As for the lights, it is advisable to have several points of light in the room

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