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When we contemplate design houses we can observe that one of the most popular styles in these houses is the minimalist. This trend began to take hold in the world of decoration in 1970, but in reality it emerged in 1960 to counteract the intensity and explosion of colors so characteristic of Pop Art.

The distinctive feature of this artistic trend is that it focuses on simplicity, balance and the use of strictly necessary elements. Its entire philosophy is summarized in the motto created by Mies van der Rohe “Less is more”. 

When deciding in favor of this kind of design it is important to take into account what are the main objectives, characteristics and factors.

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Why choose a minimalist design house?

Those people who feel special esteem for sober and balanced spaces, flee from clutter, confusion and want to get rid of unnecessary objects have to decide for this trend.

What are the characteristics of minimalist houses?

  • Very pure, simple and elegant lines.
  • The spaces are sober and open. 
  • No clutter 
  • Achieve a lot with the minimum indispensable”.
  • Perfect synergy with nature and taking advantage of natural light.
  • The most common materials used are copper, granite, wood, glass and stainless steel.
  • The façades are unconventional.

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And what are their essential factors?


In this type of rooms, simple tones prevail, there are no eccentric colors. The objective of this color selection is to achieve calm, tranquility and rest. The general rule establishes that no more than two colors can be used in interiors or exteriors. Another reason why these palettes are more common is because they can better project natural light


Elegance and little furniture can go hand in hand because it lies in the form itself and not so much in the amount of furniture in the room. Those who choose this style feel happy living in spacious, simple and light spaces. 


Furnishing this type of rooms tends to cause satisfaction and fun to those people who feel identified with the concept “less is more”. They tend to choose low, flat and wide furniture made of materials such as wood, cement or glass. 


As far as decoration is concerned, it is not a simple task, since it is necessary to decorate the house with few elements and at the same time give it personality and character, giving each space the aesthetics of the appropriate place. 


Minimalism also starts from the basis of order, it follows a clear pattern. It is far from clutter because it is considered to overshadow the beauty with so much sorrow. The objects in the minimalist houses have to be in the right place to maintain the aesthetic balance.


We are committed to a rational use of materials in order to avoid visual repetitions that generate discomfort.

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