Tips to keep in mind to buy a villa to measure

Consejos para comprar un chalet a medida

Buying a villa is a big step in a person’s life, but there are some aspects that people do not consider and are very important to be able to buy a custom villa with total ease and comfort. Today, the trend towards customised and sustainable housing has transformed the property market.

Initial research: explore different options

One of the first steps should always be to be well informed about the options on the market. Doing a good initial research could make the difference between a good or a bad investment. In Construviñas we have the option to make villas to measure, you can request a quote and inform you properly of all the steps you’ll have to follow to be able to do with the villa of your dreams.

Licences and insurance: check legality and safety

When starting a construction, you will need to take into account that you will need some licenses and insurances. Municipal permits, zoning permits and specific licences depending on the area where you are going to build. In addition, the company you are going to build with must have civil liability, construction and warranty insurance (in some jurisdictions this may be mandatory).

Budget and construction times: clarity on costs and timelines

Ask about costs and focus on those villas that are within your budget. Make sure they are detailed and fully understand all the costs involved to avoid last minute surprises. It is also important that you talk to the builder about construction timescales so that you have realistic expectations about the completion of your villa.

Constructora Viñas, professionalism and safety for your made-to-measure villa

At ConstruViñas, professionalism and safety are our cornerstones when building your custom-built villa. We are committed to offering a service of excellence, fusing the latest innovation in high-end residential architecture with a rigorous focus on the safety of each project. Our company distinguishes itself by incorporating the latest trends, ensuring that each villa is stunning and functional, yet also safe and tailored to your specific needs.

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