Turnkey house builder

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Are you thinking of contacting a turnkey home builder? Regardless of the type of house style you are thinking of, at Constructora Viñas we can make it happen.

We are experts in the construction of design houses and our more than twenty years of experience in the sector guarantee us as one of the safest options when it comes to trusting in the construction of your home.

What does it mean to contact a turnkey house builder?

Deciding to contact a turnkey house builder means delegating all the decisions and responsibilities of the construction in their hands. In other words, the builder will be in charge of the whole process.

At Constructora Viñas, we work to offer a fully comprehensive service, with the aim of satisfying all the wishes and needs of our clients and in a personalized way that takes care of even the smallest detail.

What does our turnkey house builder take care of?

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Fulfillment of town planning requirements

We will take care of obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses for the construction of your custom home. This involves both dealing with the local authorities and ensuring that all legal and regulatory aspects, i.e. town planning conditions, are properly met.

Design and planning of the house

Generally,the builder will take care of the architectural design and planning of your bespoke home, but we work closely with you, to understand your needs, preferences and lifestyle, as our added value is to create your dream home.

Selection of materials and construction

Although you will always have the final say in all important decisions, the builder will be responsible for selecting the building materials. We always use high quality materials and we also take care of the interior design and decoration.

Supervision and quality control

We are committed to rigorously supervise the construction of your house from start to finish, as we work to offer complete and excellent services.

Turnkey delivery of the house

Once construction is complete, we will deliver your home completely ready to move into, so you can move in the same day! This includes the completion of the finishing touches, electrical and sanitary installations, painting, etc. You won’t have to worry about anything.

Advantages of using a turnkey house builder

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If you decide to contact us to carry out the construction of your tailor-made house, these are the guarantees you can count on:

  • Innovation: We work to improve our processes continuously, in all senses.
  • Quality: We like to use the best materials and equipment, achieving the highest quality finishes.
  • Design construction: We strive to understand the personality and style of our clients, which is why we achieve totally personalised design results.
  • Success based on experience: We have been offering different and unique solutions and results since 2002, with a large number of success stories and satisfied customers behind us.

If you are looking for a turnkey house builder, contact us! At Constructora Viñas we can build the home of your dreams.

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