Types of custom house construction

tipos de construcciones de casas

There are key features to consider before venturing into the wide and fascinating world of custom home building. In order to obtain the best result, we have to ask ourselves a large number of questions that can be complex to answer. At Constructora Viñas, we are specialists in the construction of designer houses in Barcelona and Girona, and we want to help you build what will be your future home.

In today’s article, we talk about the materials that can be used to build a house. It is very important to choose the one that best suits your tastes, and that also complements the style you want for your home. Today we will help you choose one and so you can start designing. Let’s start!

Steel construction


We start with one of the most used materials for the construction of houses and it is not very difficult to get an idea of why its use is so widespread.

Not only will we get rid of pests such as termites and humidity, but it also provides a stable and safe structure. If you are one of those people who takes sustainability very much into account when building your house, this material is ideal. The steel respects the environment, and in addition the entire structure is recyclable. Construction with this type of material is very safe and above all simple, so much so that the costs are lower than those of other materials.

Steel Compatible Styles

If what you want is for your house to have a modern and minimalist style, this material is perfect for your home. Thanks to the finish of the pieces, it conveys a clean and simple look to the environment, but with a lot of style and personality.

Concrete construction


This type of material is also commonly used. The most common thing is that we see it in tall houses, but lately it is also being used in small houses. 

The advantages offered by this type of material are very similar to those offered by steel. It is a very resistant material, in fact, it is the most resistant of all the materials that we could use to build our house.

Its peculiarity allows us to create much larger spaces, without having to worry about putting columns, or anything that could get in the way, when it comes to dividing the space and creating the rooms. Thanks to its design, it also provides greater energy savings than any other material.

Concrete Compatible Styles

There are several styles that go perfectly with the concrete material; contemporary and industrial style. Obviously, you can decorate the house with the style that you like the most, but there are materials that are highly compatible with other styles, since they complement each other perfectly.

Contemporary design is a classic, it never goes out of style, it is modern and functional. We can add wood, tall furniture and lamps that add personality to the room. The same happens with the industrial style, it can be perfectly adapted to the use of concrete. By adding steel or iron pieces with rather dark colored furniture, we can take the style of your home to the next level. If you are interested in this type of style, do not miss our article on how to achieve an industrial style in your home.

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Brick construction


One of the biggest advantages of building your house using brick is how aesthetic its design is. We can find bricks in an infinite number of colors, which will not only add personality and character to the interior of the house, but will also do so to the exterior. In addition, it is a material that easily adapts to others, it looks great if we complement it with other types of materials.

This material is perfect for any climate, it adapts perfectly to very humid, hot or cold places. It is very resistant, it does not need continuous maintenance, since it is preserved over the years.

Brick Compatible Styles

This material is so versatile that we can adapt it to many different styles. Personally, our favorite has to be the rustic style. Adding wooden furniture, plants and warm colors,  will make your house look like something out of a magazine.

If you are not convinced by this style, do not worry. As we have mentioned before, this material can be perfectly adapted to any style, if you are not very clear about the options, do not miss our article about what are the types of house styles, so that you can better understand your options.

tipos de construcciones de casas

Stone building


Before we start talking about the details of the stone houses, we have to mention their main attraction. If you are one of those people who take into account sustainability in all processes, you have to know that stone takes the cake in this area.

One of the greatest comforts provided by this material is its insulating action. In summer, it provides that freshness in the environment that we so much need in the hottest months, while in winter, it retains heat inside the house, what more could you ask for? Like bricks, it is a very aesthetic material. It reminds old houses that are made of this material, in the best sense of the word. Stone is a classic material that will never go out of style.

Stone Compatible Styles

This type of material reminds us of the houses of yesteryear that were made of stone. It is best to enhance this style but giving it a more modern touch. The rustic style suits him like a glove, oak wood furniture, warm, dark colors…

We don’t need much to give a stone house a lot of personality.

Now that you know what materials you can use to build your house, it’s time to decide what material will be part of your home and your day-to-day life.

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