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What are the types of house styles?

Designer House Styles, Interior Design

When designing and building a house, a large number of problems related to the choice of materials, construction plans, size and other features have to be solved. However, first we must determine, at least approximately, the architectural style we want for our future home, on which will depend, to a large extent, the selection of materials, the size of the windows and the cost of construction. From Constructora Viñas, specialized in modern houses, we want to guide you in this difficult choice and introduce you to the most popular architectural styles and their main features.

5 Most popular architectural styles

Classic style

Despite the wide variety of modern architectural styles known today, the classic style is still very popular among house design lovers. The classical style emphasizes the refined taste of the homeowner. It is a style particularly suitable for large houses and among its main features we can highlight:

  • Symmetry and clarity of forms, regular arrangement, proportionality and harmony.
  • In the classical style there are some decorative elements, but they are not very elaborate: special attention is paid to balustrades and columns.
  • The materials used are mainly: plaster and marble for walls, natural tile – for roofs, wrought metal – for fences and railings.

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Baroque style

The baroque style is pretentious, splendor and abundance of decoration. Some of the most peculiar characteristics of this architectural style are:

  • The combination of direct and curved forms.
  • The exterior has masonry facades, plastered and whitewashed, enriched with columns and semi-columns, stipes, pilasters, sculptures, pediments and other decorative elements typical of the style. 
  • In the baroque style, pastel tones are mainly used, as well as burgundy, green and red.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is one of the most popular and beloved contemporary styles. As in the interior design, minimalist architectural style involves only the use of necessary and functionally significant details, so the buildings are usually restrained and almost completely devoid of furniture. Among the other peculiarities of the minimalist style we also find:

  • The rigor and geometric shapes, with straight and clean lines.
  • Materials such as cement, brick or wood are the predominant elements in this type of facades.
  • No hint of pretentiousness and complex decorative elements.
  • A unique combination of colors, mainly light tones: white, gray or natural wood color.
  • Minimalism in architecture aims to minimize details in favor of more light and space.

High Tech Style

The “high tech” style is rarely used in the construction of a private house, usually only some of its architectural elements are taken and combined with a minimalist style. The “high tech” was born under the influence of industrial architecture, which explains its main characteristics:

  • Straight lines, sobriety and conciseness
  • Almost total absence of decoration and presence of outstanding structural elements.
  • The main color is gray, metallic silver and other similar tones. 
  • Presence of large windows.
  • While in the interiors the “high tech” is evident thanks to elements of advanced technology and modern electronics, in the architecture the latest engineering solutions, the predominance of chromed metal, as well as glass, plastic and, less frequently, wood.

Modern style

casa minimalista

As we have already mentioned, Construviñas is a company specialized in the construction and restoration of houses and apartments of high standing, with particular interest in the modern style. You have to know that in this type of architecture a lot of importance is given to large windows and very open interior spaces and some of its most outstanding features are:

  • The design of the spaces is based on order and functionality
  • The colors used are usually light or very dark, in fact, the black-white combination is very common.
  • The interiors are usually spacious and uncluttered.
  • Great importance is given to natural light and functional materials that save energy.

What style of house to choose?

As you have seen there are several architectural styles, but there are many more. When choosing the style for your future house, you will surely have to take into account: your personal taste, functionality, price

However, we at Constructora Viñas want to help you. If you have any questions or need more information, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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