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What is a Mediterranean style house?

Interior Design

Mediterranean style houses have a very ancient origin and modern buildings are inspired by the coasts of southern Italy, Spain, Greece and the southern Balkan Peninsula, for the birth and development of this style that recalls the colors of the beaches and the sea. In Constructora Viñas, specialized in the construction of modern houses, we want to explain what Mediterranean style houses are and their main characteristics.

Characteristics of a Mediterranean style house

The characteristic features of the Mediterranean style, which is very popular today for beach houses or resort accommodations, evoke the buildings of small coastal towns in Greece or Morocco. The dominant white is the clearest example of this, and its use is due to the need of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast to protect themselves and their homes from the heat of the scorching sun.

Have you ever tried wearing black on a July or August afternoon? Well, unlike black and dark colors in general, which retain solar energy and therefore heat, white tends to reflect it. Consequently, having a white house helps to keep it more protected from the sun’s heat.

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Materials and colors for a Mediterranean style house

Cold materials should not be used on the walls of a Mediterranean house: metal and plastic are more representative of an urban environment (or a minimalist house) and not of a house facing the sea. Natural stone elements on the walls of the rooms will help convey the feeling of a proper maritime environment, as will decorative plaster left raw, both inside the house and outside. Wood is also an emblematic material of the Mediterranean style, which can be exploited by leaving the ceiling beams exposed, for example, or by furnishing with natural colors. In addition, wood can be an excellent choice for flooring. Alternatively, you can choose ceramic tiles and majolica decorations, which are also often used for bathroom walls.

Colors for a Mediterranean style house

In terms of colors, a Mediterranean style house is dominated by the typical tones of the sea. Thus, in addition to the omnipresent white, marine blues and light blues are essential to evoke the water and the sky, ochre or orange tones to recall the sand, the earth and the sun, and a touch of green to evoke the vegetation.

You can use all these colors for any element of the Mediterranean-style furnishings in your home: walls, floors, furniture, accessories, cotton or linen fabrics and curtains.

casa de estilo mediterraneo

Don’t overdo it with the decoration

A Mediterranean-style home should not look like a beach furniture showcase. Furnish the rooms carefully and without overdoing it, the furniture should not suffocate the atmosphere! Every time you enter your home you should feel a sense of calm and freshness, like when the sea breeze caresses you.

How to create a Mediterranean style garden

A house furnished in Mediterranean style must also show a certain coherence in the outdoor areas. To furnish a garden, a terrace or a patio, you must succeed in recreating in the outdoor space the same harmony achieved inside and make the green space a continuation of the house, also from the aesthetic point of view. To furnish a Mediterranean style garden there are some recurring elements that you can use: the most common are wicker furniture and terracotta pots, in which you can grow rosemary, citrus and lavender plants, or place some candles or lanterns.

Do you want to build a Mediterranean style house?

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