What is the best orientation for a house?

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If you are thinking of buying a house and you are starting to find out what aspects to take into account before starting the search, you have come to the right place. The orientation of the home, although it is usually left in the background, is the key. It is the first point to evaluate since it will determine the views, the energy consumption of your home, as well as the design and decoration of the interiors of the building itself. 


When we consider building our future home we focus our attention on issues such as the quality of materials, surface or distribution. Although these are also very important decisions, the reality is that the choice of the location of the future house will condition the level of comfort and quality that your life will have.

What is the orientation of a home?

The orientation of a home is the position it has with respect to the sun. Depending on the cardinal point where the facade of the house points or in which hemisphere it is located, more natural light will be obtained or more energy will be saved. 

How to choose the best orientation for a house?

To decide on one orientation or another you have to take into account certain criteria such as the climate of the area in which you want to build, the surface that occupies the house, the personal needs of each person or personal tastes. So there is no orientation that is always the best, but this will vary depending on the characteristics of the house. 

3 ways to calculate the orientation of the house 

In order to correctly calculate the orientation of the house you have to take into account the behavior of the sun with respect to the earth. When you know the behavior of the sun in the 4 cardinal points and seasons you will be able to know towards which cardinal point the house is oriented. 

Today we explain 3 quick ways that will help you to know the location of your house. 

  • Get house plans
  • Use a compass 
  • Calculate the location of a house using Google 

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What are the benefits of having a house located on each cardinal point? 


In the north orientation there is a lot of uniformity of natural light and good cooling so it is highly recommended to build offices or offices. 


In the south orientation you can take advantage of natural light throughout the year and can make a reduction of energy costs in winter. 


In the east orientation there is natural light in the morning and a reduction of the temperature in the hottest hours. 


Natural light in the evenings helps to keep the home acclimatized and reduce energy costs in cold climates.

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