What is the modern rustic style?

casas de estilo rustico

Among the different styles of houses, is the modern rustic design that evokes the old country houses your favourite? From Constructora Viñas, a company specialized in designer homes, here we explain how you can furnish your home according to this trend.

When we talk about house styles, we are referring to an orientation towards certain characteristics that constitute a more or less defined aesthetic taste.

According to some theories, the style you prefer can say a lot about your personality. Rustic design is one of the most popular vintage trends and if you like it, you should definitely get to know it in detail.

What is meant by rustic style 

When we speak of rustic design, we usually refer to that style which is reminiscent, at least in certain characteristics, of country houses, farmhouses and the “old” dwellings of simple people. In other words, it marks the difference between different building styles: rustic, of course, is at the opposite pole to urban. Although the origin of the name therefore also refers to a precise social context, it by no means that rustic design lacks sophistication. 

Today, the term rustic design refers to a style of furniture that combines modernity and tradition. The concept of rustic is used to indicate that feeling of timeless authenticity of furniture that is unfinished (only in appearance). Let’s say it is rather a style that focuses on sobriety (as elegance) and practicality (to suggest the spontaneity of yesteryear).

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What is meant by modern rustic style

It is the design and furnishing of a house, preserving the historical character of the structure and adapting it to the modern style.

Modern rustic furniture is a combination of design and tradition, mixing natural materials such as stone and wood with modern products such as plastics. Modern rustic design furniture is simple, but at the same time consists of a mix of materials, styles and colour tones that provide a harmonious balance between the contemporary and the rural world.

Main characteristics of modern rustic style

If you have understood the definition of modern rustic design, you may be interested to know its essential elements. These include, of course, exposed brick and stone, white or light-coloured cladding and wooden floors and ceilings (like the furniture).

If you opt for rustic design to furnish your home, you should know that this means configuring a comfortable, warm and fully functional home, preferring colours and materials reminiscent of the rural world.

Materials to choose from

Have you decided to furnish your home in a modern rustic style? You can do it with aged furniture and find the right combination of raw and modern furniture.  

The materials that characterize this style are obviously natural or untreated, i.e. wood, stone and iron. Wood is the undisputed protagonist for furniture, flooring and cladding, both in raw and processed versions, as it adapts to any environment and brings authenticity through its grain and imperfections.

For walls and floors we will use marble, slate, quartzite and porphyry, as they combine perfectly with a possible fireplace. Finally, remember wrought iron for wall lights, candelabras, ornaments and sculptures.

Which colours to choose

If you are going to furnish your home in a modern rustic style, you will have to be careful in your choice of colours. Although it is a sober style, it should not be oppressive. When it comes to colours, the golden rule should be to avoid cold colours. Try to prefer warm tones, for example, different shades of cream and dove grey, or pastel colours and earth tones.

If, on the other hand, you choose white, which is ideal for brightening up spaces, bear in mind that you can exploit the whole palette of whites. In addition, if you want to brighten up the rooms, you can use details in brighter tones. For example, orange, red, but also blue and green.

If you have also fallen in love with this style and have decided to live in a modern rustic house, don’t wait any longer, contact our experts at Constructora Viñas and together we will build the home of your dreams.

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