What type of flooring is stoneware?

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Furnishing the house with a personal style and a touch of elegance is an important requirement for us Spaniards, lovers of good taste and the good life. Not only clothing reveals our identity, but also the architecture and design of the home reflect and reveal our lifestyle. The choice of furniture, as well as the wall and floor coverings, is an attempt to create a microworld in which to live well and in a totally unique way.

Knowing the materials that are going to be used inside the house allows you to choose critically and assess the possible combinations. One of the most used materials for wall and floor coverings is, without any doubt, stoneware, which finds its place in all kinds of environments, from the kitchen to the bathroom, in the most sophisticated rooms or in outdoor spaces.

What is stoneware flooring?

Stoneware is a special compact material. This term refers in a very generic way to a material formed, among others, by clays, bleeders (quartz, granitic rocks…) and fluxes.

Main characteristics of stoneware

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Porcelain stoneware is widely used for coating any type of environment, precisely because of its mechanical qualities, which are indicated here.

  • Low water absorption;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • resistance to wear and the passage of time;
  • chemical resistance;
  • resistance to the action of atmospheric agents;
  • compactness;
  • versatility.

How many types of stoneware flooring exist?

There are 3 different types of existing stoneware:

Porcelain stoneware

When looking at a porcelain stoneware tile, the two parts that make it up, that is, the support and the glazed part, are easily identifiable. While the first serves to confer that particular resistance, typical of stoneware, the second, on the other hand, guarantees the aesthetic value. However, both elements constitute a single and compact piece, a homogeneous mass.

The surface part can be covered with enamel or can be colored directly, in both cases the technical characteristics do not change, and the stoneware maintains the same characteristics of a very hard and resistant material, capable of counteracting the action of chemical and atmospheric agents, thanks to also to its particular composition of natural clay products. According to technical standards, porcelain stoneware is defined as a material that has a water absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%.

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Enamel stoneware

Basically, enamel stoneware is produced from a piece of clay on which an additional surface layer, the glaze, is applied. This layer is what allows stoneware to emulate the aesthetics of other materials such as marble, wood or cement, maintaining the technical characteristics of stoneware, such as resistance to impact and temperature changes or resistance to water.

Rustic stoneware

The rustic stoneware manufacturing process is by extrusion, rather than pressing, which produces an irregular surface. It is about a very resistant material, ideal for interiors, exteriors and high-traffic areas. In addition, it has a low water absorption, between 1.5% and 6%.

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