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Which is better: radiators or underfloor heating?

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Choosing the best suitable heating system is essential to enjoy the best temperature in your home. There are many who wonder which is the most suitable option, if the aerothermal underfloor heating or traditional radiators. Before deciding how the heat will be distributed in the different rooms, discover the differences between these two systems. From Constructora Viña we explain everything you need to know to help you determine which is the best alternative for you: aerothermal underfloor heating or radiators.

Differences between underfloor heating and radiators

A crucial difference between underfloor heating and the traditional system with radiators lies in the way heat is transmitted to a room.

The heat emission from radiators is simply by convection. The warm air circulates throughout the room, providing a suitable temperature. In the case of underfloor heating it is completely different, as in this case the heat is transmitted by radiation. The warm air moves upwards towards the upper parts of the room and the temperature decreases as the air rises.

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What advantage does this have for us? The highest temperature is at floor level and the lowest at head level. This distribution is in line with our natural physiology and offers significantly higher comfort.

The temperature distribution in the room is also important, taking into account its size and the position of the radiators. The heat given off by the radiator causes the temperature to be higher right next to it, if, for example, the room is very large, it can be cold on the other side, away from the radiator.

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Underfloor heating promotes more or less the same temperature throughout the house. There may be a slight difference of 1-2 °C, depending on the floor material. However, a larger difference is practically impossible, which is quite normal with conventional radiators.

When and why to choose underfloor heating

Aerothermal underfloor heating is recommended to save energy because, as we have seen, unlike radiators, it allows heat to be distributed throughout the house at a much lower temperature than that of conventional radiators. Provided that the coils of the system used to transport the hot water are made of metal and polyethylene, two elastic materials capable of responding adequately to the pressure of the floor. To choose the best system between radiators and underfloor heating, several factors must be taken into account: for example, for a new house, the advice would be to opt for a latest generation underfloor heating system. In the case of a house renovation, you should opt for a modernization; in this case, radiators could still be used. 

When and why it is not worth installing an underfloor heating system

The disadvantages of an underfloor heating system include the higher cost of the system and the lack of space for substantial changes: due to its position, the heating pipes are difficult to access. Underfloor heating is not suitable for those seeking a high concentration of heat in a short time. In addition, in case of leaks or serious breakdowns, the tiles have to be removed. To minimize the risk of breakdowns, it may be useful to purchase a domestic water softener, a tool designed and developed to reduce water hardness and counteract the formation of limescale and magnesium.

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What to install: radiators or underfloor heating?

Whatever the choice, the advice is to turn exclusively to specialists in the sector. At Constructora Viñas we are specialized in design homes and we have the experience and knowledge to be able to tell you which system to install according to your needs.

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