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Generating the least possible impact on the environment is one of the main issues to take into account when carrying out a project. It is for this reason that in the field of construction, it is increasingly common to find ecological design houses. This type of housing seeks to combine elegance with the protection of the ecosystem from the process of creation. 

In our company we have specialists in creating ecological houses. We offer our clients the best sustainable materials in order to obtain greater comfort and energy efficiency in their homes. 

The particular characteristic of this type of housing is that it makes use of natural resources with a previous bioclimatic study. This analysis of the environment in which you want to build, allows the orientation of the house to be ideal for energy savings. 

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What kind of materials do we use?

In Constructora Viñas we use materials collected through environmentally friendly processes, recycled, local, that allow us to accentuate the insulation of the house and can be reusable. The most used materials in this type of home are: 

  • Wood: The type of wood used in sustainable construction is certified to ensure that it comes from responsible forest harvesting. It is the most ecofriendly and energy efficient material. 
  • Earthenware: This is clay that is fired at a temperature below 950 degrees Celsius under natural conditions in order to ensure hygroscopicity and thermal insulation. It is used to create walls, facades, roof tiles, etc… since it is very inert and stable. 
  •  Wood fiber panels: It is a product that is generated from waste from sawmills and various wood industries and is therefore often used as thermal insulation.
  • Polypropylene, Polybutylene and Polyethylene: These are thermoplastic materials, which are more environmentally friendly than PVC as they do not contain chlorine in their composition. They are usually used in heating systems, waterproofing of roofs, etc. 
  • Cellulose fibers with recycled paper: Frequently the insulation of this type of houses is made with waste paper, treated with voracious salts that provide it with fireproof, insecticide and antifungal properties.

What steps are followed in the construction of eco-designed houses?

  • Low or zero energy consumption in all phases of the house: Our goal is not only to create an eco-friendly home but also to take into account energy consumption during the procurement of materials. 
  • Efficient management of water resources:We consider it essential to use different strategies for good water management, since water is a scarce resource. Some of these strategies are rainwater storage or biological purification systems. 
  • Reducing environmental impact: We carry out an ecological architecture in which it is a priority to minimize the damage that may be caused by the construction of the house on the ground. 
  • Innovative design: We believe that sophistication and sustainability can go hand in hand, so in addition to ensuring good practices with the environment we also work on making elegant and careful designs with which the client identifies.

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