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What is aerothermal underfloor heating?

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Technological advances provide new ways to save energy every day, and this is where to understand how aerothermal energy works and what advantages it can provide in an installation that we do at home, whether air conditioning, heating or ACC (Air Conditioning), and what electricity savings it will bring us.

The development of aerothermal pumps allows them to be an alternative to traditional systems installed in the home: the installation and commissioning process is simpler, safer and the maintenance requirements of this type of equipment are very low.

What is aerothermal energy?

The concept of aerothermal energy is based on a technology that extracts the energy contained in the outside air by means of a pumping system. The equipment can extract up to 75% of the energy from the air in the atmosphere, so we reduce the use of electricity for the equipment by using only 25%.

This aerothermal equipment works as a standard and traditional heat pump, but it offers three different possibilities in the same installation: we will have heating in winter and cooling in summer, as well as hot water throughout the year.

How does aerothermal underfloor heating work?

We must be clear that it is a technology that uses air energy as the basis for the air conditioning of different environments, so we can consider it a highly efficient and totally clean energy source.

To clarify the concepts, the process of obtaining energy follows these steps:

  1. The atmosphere captures the energy emitted by the sun and is at a temperature “X”.
  2. The aerothermal heat pump technology captures that renewable energy from the air.
  3. That energy is used in our house through the outdoor unit that sends it to the indoor unit.
  4. The indoor unit heats the water that produces heating and hot water.
  5. In summer it is reversed, the heat from our house is sent outside to produce air conditioning.

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Types of aerothermal underfloor heating:


  • Bibloc (composed of two parts): consisting of an indoor unit (hydrokit) and an outdoor unit (heat pump).
  • Monoblock: consisting of only one outdoor unit.

Advantages of aerothermal underfloor heating

  • Does not use fuel that needs to be stored
  • No need for chimney or flue
  • Requires less maintenance
  • With aerothermal we can have: heating, hot water and cooling.
  • It is a renewable energy
  • Greater savings and maximum energy efficiency

Disadvantages of underfloor heating with aerothermal energy

  • The initial investment is higher compared to conventional system.
  • Having an outdoor unit affects the aesthetics and noise.
  • Seasonal performance is reduced in areas with very cold climates
  • The installation of aerothermal equipment usually involves increasing the contracted power of electricity. This means that the fixed part of the electricity bill we receive each month usually increases compared to a building without aerothermal energy.

Are you thinking of installing an aerothermal underfloor heating system in your home? From Constructora Viñas we are here to help you. If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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