What is a Quantity Surveyor and what are their functions?

aparejador de proyectos de casas a medida

In the world of construction, where dreams take shape and spaces come to life, there is a professional whose knowledge and experience are essential to carry out all kinds of projects. 

The quantity surveyor is a true master of coordination and technical control in the field of building. Today, at Constructora Viñas, we would like to talk to you about this professional figure and the functions he or she performs. Get ready to discover the world of possibilities that open up under the expert guidance of a quantity surveyor.

What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A quantity surveyor, also known as a technical architect or building engineer, is a professional specialized in the technical management and supervision of construction works. Their training and knowledge covers both technical and administrative aspects, which allows them to play a fundamental role in the development of construction projects.

Main functions of a Quantity Surveyor

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The main function of a quantity surveyor is to manage the construction of a building, covering both technical and legal aspects. The following are the main functions carried out by quantity surveyors on a construction site:

  • Direction and execution of the construction: the quantity surveyor is responsible for directing and executing the construction, supervising the quality of the materials used.
  • Guarantee of suitable materials: the quantity surveyor ensures that the materials used in the construction are those specified in the project, including the acceptance of the tests and trials carried out.
  • Ensuring compliance with the project and budget: the quantity surveyor ensures that the execution of the project complies with the design and the established budget. This involves checking the layout, supervising the correct execution and layout of the elements, as well as controlling the budgetary items of the work.
  • Contingency resolution: the quantity surveyor is in charge of resolving contingencies that may arise during the development of the work and keeping control of them.

Optional management of the work

The project management consists of the architect as project manager (macro-control), who carries out an overall control of the project, and the execution management, carried out by the quantity surveyor, which involves a detailed control of the work carried out (micro-control). The quantity surveyor directs, supervises and ensures that each element fulfills its function and complies with the project and the corresponding regulations.

4 Main tasks of a Quantity Surveyor 

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In addition to supervising and directing the teams as established in the project, the quantity surveyor can carry out the following tasks in order to have complete control of the work:

  1. Drafting and signing of health and safety studies, as well as technical assistance prior to these actions.
  2. Coordination, in the preliminary and execution phase of the project, of the fundamental health and safety aspects of the work, in collaboration with the project management.
  3. Drafting of partial projects or technical documents, assuming full responsibility for specific aspects corresponding to the specialities and competences of the profession.
  4. Carrying out measurements, calculations, valuations, appraisals, expert opinions, studies, reports, work plans and other similar work.

Constructora Viñas: experience and excellence

Having a quantity surveyor on a project is a guarantee of detailed quality control, as their work ranges from technical supervision to compliance with legal standards and regulations.

At Constructora Viñas, we rely on the experience and knowledge of our quantity surveyors to guarantee excellence in each of our custom-designed housing projects.

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