How much it costs to build a villa

Do you want to build a villa? Before making this decision, it is important to be properly informed of what it means embarking on an adventure like this, especially economically, since villas are homes that require a strong investment at first.

In Constructora Viñas we are specialists in the construction of custom homes. We have more than 20 years of experience in this area, and we have developed projects throughout Costa Brava. That is why now we will use our extensive experience to tell you how much it costs to build a villa and what determines the final price of a house of this characteristic.

5 factors that establish how much it costs to build a villa

factores que influyen en el precio de un chalet

1. The land

Do you know where you would like to build your villa? Acquiring a good land for the construction of a custom home is the first step to start the project and probably one of the most essential steps, as it will determine the success of the construction.

A good land is not only one that has the extension and location you desire, but it also must be buildable and able to supply basic services (water, electricity, gas, etc). Although the aesthetic is very important and is the most discussed aspect while building a custom home, you must not forget that what you are building is a house and, therefore, it must be able to provide you with everything you need.

On the other hand, the floor must be leveled. If it is not, this is something that can be solved, but it would increase the budget significantly. The cost of the leveling and the land itself is very difficult to estimate, as it varies depending on the location, the extension, the demand of the area, etc.

2. The floors of the villa

Have you thought about how many floors you want to have? Generally, a two-storey villa will cost more than a single-storey villa; in some cases, the increase can be double and in others smaller.

For example, the approximate minimum to build a one-storey villa is about 50.000€, while for a two-storey villa you would need 150.000€. On the other hand, in the case of a design villa, you could build a one-storey villa for €200,000 and a two-storey villa for €280,000. These prices are not very accurate approximations and, as we have said, the price will depend on many factors, not only on the floors. So the best option you have is to discuss all the possibilities with your home builder when you start designing the project.

3. The number of rooms

In this case, size matters. How many rooms do you want? Depending on how many rooms you need, the villa would change its size and, therefore, the investment it will require. As the villa would be a custom construction, you can choose the number of bathrooms, bedrooms and even living rooms. As well as the size of each of them. This, obviously, would be reflected in the final budget.

4. The quality of the materials

Choosing high quality materials and finishes for design houses is not the same as choosing cheaper ones. All the decisions you make will be reflected in the final result, both in quality and budget. At Constructora Viñas we believe that excellence relies on the details and that is why we are committed to use quality materials. However, you have the final decision.

Another important aspect that defines the chosen materials, besides the price, is the decorative style. Are you looking for a minimalist design house? Then we will probably use marble, granite, glass and wood. As you can see, each villa is unique, and every detail changes the final price.

5. Outdoor areas

Surely, when you imagine your ideal villa you think of a large land with a big house, a garden, a pool or a terrace. In fact, the outdoor areas are one of the aspects that most increase the price of building a house, increasing the cost between 200 €/m2 and 300 €/m2.

It may seem like a big investment at first, but it is much more profitable to build all these spaces at once, during the initial construction of the villa, than to do it later with the house already completed. Usually, a design house with a swimming pool can cost between 130,000 € and 300,000 €.

Tips about how to build a villa

contratar constructora para tu chalet

If you are thinking of building a custom home, but you do not know how to calculate the budget, you should contact a home builder company that can advise you on the process. Saying how much it costs to build a villa is really difficult, but if you know how you would like it to be and what you are looking to design, it would be easier to give you an accurate idea of the price.

If you need advice, you can contact us without any obligation. Call us or stop by our headquarters! We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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